Mandy Montano, Communication


Facing Cancer

All interviews have been completed, I am looking just to edit
footage and re-shoot the title sequence.

To document and present the cancer experience from several different
perspectives in relation to those that face it, live with it, survive
it, and cope with it.

This project would contain sixteen interviews of participants
(survivors, support, those that have lost, and those that seek to
help). Each story would be obtained via video and audio recording with
the expressed permission from each participant. Four groups would be
established containing four participants in each: four participants
that have had or currently have cancer; four participants that support
a living survivor; and four participants that have lost someone that
had cancer.

Each participant would be asked a series of questions relating to the
disease and their experiences associated with the disease. Interview
questions would be developed for each group. The questions would be
formatted to display a level 2-3 interactive relationship and would be
considered emotionally challenging. Each participant would be given a
clear description of the project and the sensitive, and potentially
emotional, content. The interviews will be conducted in four phases.

Upon the completion of the phases, the audio and video material
would be edited into a 60-90 minute documentary. The documentary may
contain additional commentary about cancer and organizations that
support cancer research, screening resources, and fundraising events.

In addition, the audio will be condensed into a brief summary paper
discussing the overall experience, a summary of the participant’s
stories, and any similarities that the participants may share.

Project Goal
The overall goal of the project is to present the stories of
individuals affected by cancer and to increase awareness. The project
material would be prepared in a format to be presented.