Samantha Crilly, Dance


47 Reasons (Working Title)

I am currently in the process of working on my piece for the
Dance Majors Concert, as a part of my education in achieving my
Bachelors of Arts in Dance. After completing all of the necessary
courses to be eligible for choreographing for the concert, I am
excited and honored to be able to present some of my work. After
taking a collaborative class, combining DXArts and Dance Majors, I was
inspired to use technology as a part of my dance research. I have
decided to use film and projection as a part of my work this year. So,
with the help of a few DXArts students, Nathan Wade and Gaelen Sayres,
I am learning more about the use of film and technology in dance. I
would like to film different aspects of dance that are rarely
discussed or studied. I have researched parkour, as well as color
guard as two of the main subjects that I would like to pursue. I would
like to film these subjects in their appropriate locations for their
activity, and for the color guard subjects, I would need to use a
studio with appropriate lighting. I am hoping to capture the people
that do these specific art forms very accurately.