Collin Monda, DXArts


Recycled, Senior Thesis film

Likely 30 minute short film HD format. Synopsis: A paper
recycling worker fresh of out college moves into an apartment building
that doesnt have a recycling pickup. He collects paper from all the
residents, its a small 5 unit building, and gets to know most of them
this way. There is one girl in the building he has barely gotten an
in-obscured glance at who leaves most intriguing illustrated
recyclings that enchant him and eventually fuel a hallucinogenic,
paper, stop-motion animated, obsession with her.

Thematically its about the frailty of humans having personal identity
The film also capitalizes on the fact that the apartment is supposed
to be a place of community, as it is only a 5 unit apartment, yet
everyone is alone. Because the land lady doesnt allow many to bring
their significant others up to their rooms or in the building they are
not friendly with her and vice-a-versa. Together but