Jennifer Mao, Photography


Pachelbels Canon (In D Major)

I am creating a video installation that will attempt to
reconceptualize the act of experiencing a music piece by replicating
the structural composition of music with video. Each note within the
piece of music (Pachelbel’s Canon in D – a largely recognizable work
of music with reoccurring themes, variations, and other repeating
patterns and permutations) will be assigned to a particular video
vignette. As the piece progresses, and additional instruments are
added and multiple notes start occurring simultaneously, the video
will do the same. The opacity of the video “notes” will be reduced, so
the resulting composition will unite the identity of the disparate
notes.  By transplanting a primarily acoustic sensual experience into
the visual realm, I hope to explore the psychological phenomenon of
synesthesia, when experiences in one sensory pathway leads to
experiences in another, separate pathway.