Andrew Franks, Dxarts


Senior Thesis

I want to research the ways in which we perceive an image or experience through digital video. By learning through experimentation how to generate in-camera effects, I hope to create visuals that the audience has no associations with; basically a new environment. When I say in-camera effects I mean more natural and man-made optical illusions that avoid computer generated effects. A good example of this would be in the film 'The Fountain' where to create the nebula's and stars in space, they used super-macro photos of chemical reactions rather than CGI. I want to emulate these natural effects because I feel that audiences today are so used to 3D animation or newer effects that the original and more organic ones would be alien and thus more intriguing to them. I would be attempting to recreate these effects from previous features (like 'The Fountain') and short films (like David Lynch's shorts) and learn through mistakes and discoveries to generate my own. I plan on using these findings towards a narrative film by combining the natural effects with a story.