caboara marco, Asian Languages and Literature


evaluating tagging systems for the syntactical analysis of classical chinese texts

My aim is to evaluate and compare existing tagging systems
for the analysis of Modern and Classical Chinese texts, and to device
a tagging system for the analysis of negative adverbs and verb
transitivity in the manuscripts and received texts of the Daodejing.

I will get hold of two schemas for the analysis of Chinese Text, one
developed in Oslo for tagging Classical Chinese Texts, the other
developed in Hong Kong for the tagging of Chinese Newspapers. The
Oslo schema is of particular interest as it has altready been applied
to the analysis of the received text of the Daodejing.

For the selection of the passages to analyze, I will rely on the
examples I have discussed in a paper on Negation and transitivity in
the manuscript and received version of the Laozi~AEpresented at the
Conference of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics,
May 25-29, 2006, held in Academia Sinica, Taipei.