James George, Computer Science

Contact jimg@cs.washington.edu

Hapticly enabled interactive video

The project will be an interactive video where the viewer
will be able to distort the time space in regions of the frame.  The
video can be thought of as a 3 dimensional surface system, where X
and Y represent the pixel of the image and the Z represents the frame
that pixel is drawn from.  The viewer is capable of distorting the Z
position of the surface to their desires.  The video will be
interacted with through a Phantom Omni haptic device.  The viewer
will experience the feedback from their interaction visually,
haptically (through force feedback) and sonically.  The video will be
infinitely temporal (cyclic) and therefore infinitely distortable in
time.  The desire is to create a new and dynamic way to experience
video in a non linear fashion.
I will be working with Michael McCrea as a resource for haptic
knowledge and audio design.  The project will be completed as my
final project for the DXArts 453 video series.