David Stone, Cinema Studies/Comp. Lit

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Paying Off The Man

A narrative which submerses itself in the oneiric functioning
of the unconscious, PAYING OFF THE MAN is an examination of social
anxieties and self-punishment in the form of a personal thriller.

Everyday we are running from something. Whether it be a crazed bum
trying to stick you with a hypodermic needle or the FBI investigating
you in the light of a recent class project regarding the Middle East.
More often than not it is much more simple; we seldom realize it, but
we are generally running from ourselves. Consider how many times you
have been late to a meeting, or have found yourself late to work
because you slept through your alarm? Running from ourselves is often
running from problems that we have created. There are two forces at
work in our lives, time and free determination. Together, as
habitually as they aid us, they work to make us suffer.

PAYING OFF THE MAN is a study of this relationship in the form of a
business man, Our Man, who is late to pay his parking meter. Time
takes on the role of a principle character as Our Man flees through
city streets, desperately seeking to avoid the penalty for his

PAYING OFF THE MAN looks to join a grand tradition, with Our Man
following the likes of, among others, the White Rabbit from Alice in
Wonderland, Jack Torrence from The Shining, and Jack Bauer of 24,
whom have all suffered the consequences of time.

Inspired by the works of Bernardo Bertolucci, Alfred Hitchcock,
Sergei Eisenstein, and many others, PAYING OFF THE MAN will employ an
Eistenstein-ian form of rhythmic editing and will employ Hitchcock~Rs
tools of the psychological thriller in order to create an intense and
engaging experience.