Shaun Scott, History


The Color of Rain: African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Whites in Seattle, Washington

The Color of Rain is to be a 45-minute documentary film that
chronicles the historical interactions between African-Americans,
Asian-Americans, and Whites in Seattle, Washington from 1870 thru
1970. The film is an aggregate of the field explored by Professor Jim
Gregorys Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project
(, and will build on the work of
Professor Quintard Taylors classic text The Forging of a Black
Community. The film is an extension of Professor Jim Gregorys
Hist-498 Seminar.

The film will rely some on soundbytes from campus authorities, and
will make extensive usage of personal testimony from local activists,
scholars, and historians. The Color of Rain, will be guided by music
from local artists--past and present--while voice-over narration and
voice-actors will be central to advancing the films actual

This is to be Shaun Scotts 2nd major production. In Spring 2005, Mr.
Scott completed a 2 hr. 45 minute documentary (Body and Soul: A Story
of Blacks and Jews in America,) that also made extensive usage of
Cartahs generosity.