Craig Webster, Art


Give me a home

I will set up a booth near Pioneer Square, which will be
equipped with pens, pencils, markers, crayons, and paper.  As people
walk by, I will invite them to create a writing or drawing in
response to one of the prompts that I create.  I will also ask them
to tell me a story about an important event that happened to them
earlier this week.

Once the soundbytes and images are captured, I will create written
versions of interesting stories and pictures into a small,
Microsoft-word-made booklet.  I will also compile audio and video
clips into two films that will be projected on opposing walls.  The
visual portion of these films will be mostly a white screen with
audio of stories and dialogues, sometimes occuring simultaneously.
This will be interspersed with both abstract and theatrical visual
representations of pieces of the dialogue.