Emma Schwartzman, CHID

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Beyond Tradition

Im making a documentary about a UW exploration seminar to
West Africa.  Ylva Hernlund, from the Anthropology department, will
lead a group of 20 undergraduate students through Senegal and The
Gambia for one month from August 20-September 20.  All students will
study the pre and post imerial history of these former french
colonies and slave trade hubs.  Looking beyond conventional ideas
that regard Africa as culturally primitive, students will focus on
the ways in which these nations built a government infastructure when
they gained independence, and how Senegal and Gambia made different
political and governmental choices.  These nations may not be
sophisticated in an industrial sense, but the intellectual,
political, and cultural sophistication is often overlooked.

    In addition to the shared curriculum, students are required to
complete their own independent project.  Students come from a wide
array of majors, from CHID to Anthropology, to Math, to Business, to
Dance and Music. Only a few students have ever travelled to Africa.
    My project will cover all aspects of the trip in order to give
others an idea of what it was like, as well as provide all
participants with a montage of landscape, events and interviews upon
which they can reflect after they get home.