Axel Roesler, Art / Division of Design


Field recording of natuaral sound fields

I am working on research on the correspondence between visual
flow (the change in perspective resulting from changes view direction
and point of view) and audible changes in the sound field that
originates in view direction. The multimodal coupling between image
scope and sound field, both subject to dynamic change when the
observer is in motion, are important orientation cues in remote
perception, where an observer controls a camera in the distance or in
a VR environment. I am hoping to make field recordings of directed
ambient sound sources in nature such as wind, water, and bird sounds
that are emitted across a broad field from a direction, but not from
a single point sound source and experiment with integrating the sound
recordings into virtual walk-throughs to experiment with
synchronization/mis-synchronization between flow in the the audio
field and flow in the VR image.