Ciaran Thompson, School of Business Administration

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BCMU 301 Group Project

BCMU 301 Group Project-

Business Administration Students Involved:

Ciaran Thompson
Austin Sweet
Shannon Schmidt
Jeff McAlexan
Stephen Medawar

The focus of this project is an awareness campaign for celiac disease. We
are developing the awareness campaign utilizing a variety of media
channels to gain campaign exposure. One of the channels is in the form of
a television commercial. We are producing a 30 second - 1 minute
commercial to be submitted in class.

In order to produce the commercial we require one MiniDV Camera with XLR
inputs - preferable a JVC GY-DV500 or Canon XL1, as i have experience with
both of these cameras. One shotgun mic with a camera mount and a Bogen
Tripod. We have access to our own editing system and will not tie up the
facilities at CARTAH. All that we are requesting is permission to use the
equipment listed above for the weekend of February 18.