David Stone, Comparative Literature (Cinema Studies)

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14/48 Documentary

Directed by Joe Milan (UW Drama Senior), the process of creation in
art is explored from conception to premiere as Seattle's grounbreaking
14/48: The World's Quickest Theatre Festival generates fourteen original
ten minute plays over the course of forty-eight hours. Festival co-founder
and play-write Michael Neff's play is followed through the twenty-four
hour proccess of recieving a theme, to the assigning of a director and
actors, to the ultimate realisation of that script in front of a sold-out
audience.  The festival, which takes place at Seattle's Consolidated
Works, was recorded on two min-DV cameras. The final cut is envisioned as
a visually intensive and fast paced experience which will work to draw the
viewer into the exciting world of unbound creativity, stressful time
constraints, blind trust in each other, and an absolute passion for their
projects, that is forced upon the participants of 14/48.

Director: Joe Milan
Producer: David G. Stone
Camera A Operator: Ryan Welton
Camera B Operators: David G. Stone and Greg Wylie
Sound Operator: Michael Hanson