Ben Medina, Drama

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Shakespeare Monologues

I am an aspiring filmmaker. In June, I shot my first short film on
Super 16mm. It was a wonderful experience! After acting at the School of
Drama throughout the fall and winter, I have been developing a project of
Shakespearean Monologues. I have put together a team of MFA actors from
the UW drama program, and have been working with them on a series of five
Shakespeare Monologues. My production design includes: filming in a small
acting studio, these performers doing their pieces. My previous 16mm
experience was MOS, so with your approval I hope to sync sound to the
pieces. My sound designer/engineer's name is Jeff Bowlin. He attends
Shoreline Community College and is proficient in the use and application
of almost any DAT/Recorder system. He engineers on a daily basis with
ProTools; and ironically enough, worked with another filmmaker who was
granted the CARTAH audio equipment, and therefore is familiar with this
exact gear.

I am flying my director of photography up from LA. My DP, Lincoln Lewis,
is a great artist and a good friend who has been excited for weeks to work
on these classical pieces. We plan to not only shoot the monologues but
also test film and lighting potential for future projects.

My gaffer and my grip are both undergraduate lighting designers in the UW
school of drama. Erika Stoll and Dirk Sanders, have collaborated on two
other film projects and are also great friends.

Finally, the group of actors are: Adam Larmer, Brandon Petty and Brian
Grossman. The first two gentlemen are MFA actors who study under the
Professional Actor Training Program, here at the UW, and Mr. Grossman is
in his undergraduate senior year.

To conclude, I am Ben Medina, an undergraduate senior in the school of
drama, and would greatly appreciate your support with this project. I have
included my pre-production, filming and post-production schedules below.
Ideally I'd like to pick up the audio equipment on Wednesday, March 2nd in
the afternoon and would return the equipment on Monday, March 7th by noon.

Thank you for your consideration,

Ben Medina
Senior, Drama