Nicole T. DeLaittre, Composition

Electronic Frakenstein

I wish to accommodate myself to interactive musical environments by
writing code because I am sick of being intimidated by highbrow databases
and programs. More specifically, I am in the middle of transferring a
whole bunch of midi music, putting it all into Supercollider, and churning
it around and around until it has a different face. See, I also want to
use immature programs like garage band to make my own mixes and not just
limit myself to sophisticated endeavors. I want to attract likeminded
musicians who are interested in taking live music and splicing it with the
potential promised by new programs and combining original music to loop it
with other composers new music in a disciplined collaboration format.
Secretly, I want to change the face of concert music so that computer
music is more widely accepted. Eventually I see myself having explored
enough possibilities and being experienced enough to feel competent enough
to negotiate through the wave of programs and create a amalgamation of my
own design which will result in some really good music!