Linda Crane, CHID

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Synesthesia Spectrum Sensation

Our project is a synthesis of ideas from our Humanities 102 class,
Eye Mind and Perception. In this class we are looking at themes of
emergence and perception of life as viewed from an integrated lens of
science and art.

We will record a combination of conversations in which we will isolate a
sequence of sound waves that slowly build in amplitude going from most
simplistic to most chaotic and then backwards from the point of chaos to
simplicity. With these frequencies we will create a ratio to convert them
successfully into light waves. At this point we will open up the
possibility of attributing color, temperature, and energy (photons) to the
sound waves.

We will play the compilation of words while projecting the colors of light
that are representative of the sound waves. Thus, our audience will be
able to hear the compilation of words while viewing and conceptually
feeling the words.  The final product of the recording will be a mutated
version that is perceived much differently than its original version.  
The people working on this project are: Linda Crane, Kasa Zipfel and Eric
Parr.  Our recording will take place at Self Adhesive Records by sound
engineer Danny King.