Arendt Oak Speser, English



Here, nothing matters.
I only wish I could remember this forever.
                        --L. Rubinstein

In the introduction to his Catalogue of Comedic Novelties, a work
composed entirely of note cards, Lev Rubinstein writes: For me, each
note card is a universal unit of rhythm, equalizing all movements of
speech~Wwhether stanza of poetry, fragment of street conversation,
pseudo-scientific aphorism, stage direction, interjection or simply
silence~Wa blank card.

This project suggests that our memory is composed of such note
cards~Wsingle units, called mnemes (from the Ancient Greek),
recollected in scores of permutations. Not confined to the written
word, these mnemonic cards contain data from all of our senses.

In particular, this project aims at mnemonic representation as sound,
what is recorded and catalogued through auditory phenomena. Like
memories, sounds are also compositional events, sonic happenings
gathered together in wave form, moving across time and space.

The idea is to isolate units of sound, phonemes (from the Greek
phonema, which was not limited to phonetics), and interrogate the
relationship between phonemes and mnemes. While phonetics and
phonology will be a component of this project, the main objective is
to expand the unit of a phoneme beyond communicable language and into
the broader sonic register, that is, to create a catalogue of sounds
that is progressively poetic.

Using this poetic catalogue of sounds, various deconstructions and
reconstructions will create a dialogue between sonic events and
mnemonic representations. This dialogue is the performance