Jerome McCuin,


The Paperless Student

The Paperless Student is a lifestyle feasibility study.  It is part
of a larger study on the postive and negative effects that technology has
on populations around the world.

At least one student will complete his entire undergraduate education
without using (or retaining) paper.  The student will use a HP TC1100
Tablet PC and Agilix Gobinder software to take notes in class.  He will
also coordinate with professors to obtain electronic copies of handouts
wherever possible.

All paper will be eliminated from the subject\\\\\\\'s living space,
except legal documents for which the original is required.  Since the
University and other entities still send some paper items in the mail,
during the project the Digital Sender will be used to these paper items to
electronic versions.

Legacy paper documents, such as class notes, must be converted to
electronic format.  Once converted, all documents will be stored in a
secure database accessible via the Internet.  If the student needs a copy
of his Winter 2004 bookstore transaction receipt, for example, he can
search for the term University Bookstore 2004 and retrieve a copy from the
database.  All documents will be searchable and portable.

The project has some environmental benefits, but the main goal is to learn
how having instant access to portable documents affect the life of a
university student.  Students spend considerable time searching for paper
documents. This could affect their quality of life.  On the other hand,
not having a tangible copy of documents.

Finally, the subject will not be allowed to retain any paper until
June 2006.  All paper items must be scanned into the database within
72 hours.