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Explore Biodiveristy Orientation Video

I am requesting the use of CARTAH resources for the production of a
4-8 minute video to be utilized in the newly created Explore Biodiversity
section in the Burke Museum~Rs permanent natural history galleries.

Explore Biodiversity was created to introduce the general public and
school groups to issues relating to biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest.

The video is meant to engage and orient museum visitors in Explore
Biodiversity, and will play between regularly scheduled live presentations
by museum faculty, staff and their associates.

I am the project lead in the video~Rs creation, and will be working with
individuals drawn from the team formed to create and drive the programming
in Explore Biodiversity.  The core of this team includes Burke Museum
natural science curators, their collections managers, and the Director of

I anticipate opportunities for a work-study student to assist in the
video~Rs creation, and have been communicating with Wilson O~RDonnell,
Museology Program Director, with this goal in mind. Opportunities may yet
arise for other UW students currently assisting Museum curators,
collection managers, and education or exhibit department staff in this
project as well.

Resources requested include:

JVC GY-DV500 MiniDV or Sony VX-2000 MiniDV
Bogen Tripod
Sennheiser Shotgun Mic
Sennheiser Omni Mic

The period of request is April through June of 2005. As project scope is
limited, intermittent use is acceptable.

Thank you for considering this request.

Andrew Whiteman

Senior Curator of Exhibits, Designer
Burke Museum
University of Washington
Box 353010
Seattle, WA
Fax: 206.685.3039