Shaun Scott, History


Body and Soul

My project, 'Body and Soul,' is to be a comparative analysis of Jews and
Blacks, focusing primarily on their tortured and, at times, inspring
relations with one another in The United States. As I completed a
20-minute film regarding the history of Black music in the US, 'Body and
Soul' is to be a sort of spin-off, if you will, of already compiled
research.  Utilizing compiled second-hand footage, voice-over narration,
and analysis from campus authorities, 'Body and Soul' is a History 499
Independent Research Project that will be completed under the auspices of
Professor Susan Glenn. Estimated completion date is June 10th, 2005.
Scholarship aside, I am most interested in answering many of the stylistic
questions I have posed--to myself, no less--in my previous two short
films, 'Encore: The Civil Rights Movement Re-Visited,' [11/17/04] and 'A
Tribe's Quest: Black Music, Class, and Media Representations' [2/2/05].