Monica Meadows, NELC


Grammatical Analysis of the Pre-Islamic Arabic Odes

Umru' al-Qays (5th cent. C.E.) is the earliest Arab poet whose
works are recorded.  His ode is famous for its spectacular imagery and for
its scandalous descriptions of women. Arabic poetry is unique because of
the numerous grammatical explanations scholars use to understand it. I
have developed this research in keeping with the established discipline.
This project is designed to help advanced Arabic language students and
scholars in related disciplines understand the complex grammatical and
linguistic functions specific to pre-Islamic poetic style.

I propose to finish the work I started during Spring Quarter 2005 in
DXARS411 and put the entire Umru' al-Qays ode on the internet.  If time
allows, I would like to add audio files in order to add another dimension
to the research and to make the vocabulary and the grammatical situations
searchable to further aid scholars.

I believe that with this information, scholars of Arabic literature could
make much greater gains in this field because of the easy access to this
essential information.

For work already completed, please see:

Contact:  Stacy Waters  (DXARTS)
          Terri DeYoung (NELC)