Becca Bennett (for Burke Museum), Burke Museum

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IMLS-WestPoint Archaeology Web exhibit

As part of an IMLS*-grant-funded project, the Burke Museum
( is producing an interactive Web-based exhibit about
the archaeology of West Point (in Discovery Park, Seattle) -- telling the
story of the land and its peoples over time. (*IMLS=federal Institute of
Museum and Library Services). Exhibit audience is general public
high-school-age and older; project goals include increasing understanding
of Archaeology and appreciation of the continuity of cultural activity
over time on this land.
Audio and video clips will be central to the project's content, presented
on the Web via a Flash-based multimedia engine. One primary source
material of this audio and video content is a mid-1990s VHS video tape. We
anticipate needing equipment, software, and minimal instruction in order
to digitize segments of the tape and to edit and prepare those segments as
video and audio clips for the Web. We may also need to record, edit, and
prep additional interview clips (audio and/or video).

Collaborators and contributors include the Burke Museum Archaeology
Division staff, Burke Education Division staff, Burke Web staff, a
third-party Web-developer team, and members of the communities with ties
to the West Point archaeological work of the 1990s: The Tribal Oversight
Committee and tribal members, METRO, educators, consultants, and others.