Casey L. Warren,


A Chance in Time A short film

A Chance in Time is a short story about a girl who saves her
grandfathers best friends life by traveling back in time to World War

While in her attic looking through old photos and letters from her
grandfather while he was in W.W.II. She happens to find an old box
with a stick shaped object in it and a scroll with Magic Wand written
on it. She jokingly recites an incantation written on the back of the
scroll, and is transported back into time. She awakens in a forest in
France, she is confused and weary of her surroundings. She is startled
when two soldiers come running full force at her, dogging bullets from
German fire.  She frantically runs behind a tree, she looks over at
the soldiers and sees one of them get hit by the fire, the other
soldier tries to help him but he is dead. She quickly pulls back
behind the tree and recited the incantation. She is pulled back
through time and into the attic where she was. She is glad she is not
in danger any more. She sits down on the floor but realizes that the
man who tried to save his friend from being shot was her grandfather.
She jumps up and flips through the photo album to confirm what she
saw, she was right. She then picks up a latter attached to the photo
and learns that her grandfather wrote about his best friend who was
killed by German gun fire. She becomes determined and jumps up, she
yells out the incantation while holding the wand in the air and is
transported back into time again.

This time when she hides behind the tree she throws a rock in the
direction of the gun fire focusing it on her location. The two men
escape from danger, and she says the spell to return to the future.
She once again runs over to the album and looks at the pictures. She
finds one of her grandfather that reads on the back Troyes, France.
August 09, 1944 She flips it over and as shes looking at it, another
man fades in standing next to her grandfather, She saved his life.

This short excerpt is only a summarization of the full script.
Through this project I hope to learn how to use special effects
techniques utilizing various computer programs (Final Cut/After
Effects). I also want explore juxtaposing two different time lines
within the same story to create a more dramatic appeal along with
heightened suspense.