Ileana Marin, Comparative Literature


An Experimental Reading

The Experimental Reading project tries to simulate/create a
multimedia reading through various juxtapositions and interactions: texts
and images, images of texts and their tagged versions, paintings which
contain almost illegible texts juxtaposed with leggible
 versions of those texts, texts as images, etc. This multilayered reading
will enlarge the readers perspective on their own activity. Reading
process, on the one hand, and readers response, on the other, are more and
more dependent on the digital media which support texts and images alike.

The vecinity of the two, as well as the computer assisted reading have
already changed reading habits, positions, and contexts.

I intend to continue to work on my project Sonnets for Pictures to gather
all the visually different versions of these poems. I would also like to
expand this Experimental Reading Project to Paul Klees compositions and
Rene Magrittes paintings. Both painters deal with texts as images into
images, which are nonetheless texts.