Mary E. Childs, Comparative Literature


Legends of the Black Sea

My proposal includes continuing the project I started in
DXARTS 411, on the Legends of the Black Sea:  Traces of Classical
Culture in Contemporary Russia.  I would like to expand my webpage to
include materials ranging from images of Classical sites and
artifacts, to excerpts from contemporary literature from both Romania
and Georgia. Some of this material I will be translating for the first
time into English, and will need to be restricted to UW users because
of copyright concerns.   Although all three areas under consideration
share in the heritage of the Greek and Roman colonies and settlements
that circles the Black Sea, each modern country has a different
relationship to that heritage, and puts it to different use; part of
my project is to explore these differences.  In the lab, I will need
to use both the text and the image scanners, a computer, and a
printer; it might also be wonderful to include an audio component to
complement each of the countries involved.