Marek Wieczorek, art history

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Kröller-Müller Collection @ SAM

This project entails the scanning of several Dutch books and articles
into a word document and their subsequent translation via a translation
machine and their editing by myself, a native Dutch speaker. The texts
will be used for teaching purposes in my two spring-term classes on the
famous Kröller-Müller collection from Otterlo, the Netherlands, which will
come to the Seattle Art Museum during the term. Ms. Kröller-Müller and her
advisers wrote several treatises on their collection policies, as well as
on their vision of art and its function in society, topics central to the
course. She went on to collect what is now the second largest Van Gogh
collection in the world, twelve works of which will come to Seattle. I
would like to begin the scanning process during spring break and perhaps
continue doing more translations during the course of the spring quarter
when students identify articles they need to have translated.