Lilian Yuen, Biochemistry


The I. Grant

'The I. Grant' is a 6-mins experimental short film with
4 seperate parts integrated together, each of which is
approximately 1mins30sec.

'The I. Grant'-- the Influence Grant, is a grant for
college students in the 'Sea City' whom believe they have
found their goals and need financial support. The only
rule of the grant is that the applicants must present to
the grant committee how a bad experience had influenced
them and how they turned the negative into positive. This
is a 6-mins story about 4 college students' goals and

The major scenes will be taken in Gas-work park,
U-district, and some indoor shots.

My script doesn't have a lot of lines. I decide to focus
on learning video-photography, how to operate a MiniDV,
how to bring scripts into scenes, use scenes and images to
communicate meanings instead of explicit wordings, and how
to edit a short video using Final Cut Pro. Also,
background music will be a key component of the short
film, so maybe it turns out will be more like a MTV with
some lite dialogue.