Todd Simeone, Photography


Wood Shop

The seniors in the photography program will be setting up a show in
room 15 in the basement of the art building for the SOA open house on the
23rd of this month. This room happens to be directly below the wood shop
and is continually subject the loud noise of the equiptment upstairs.  
What I want to do is re-create the the loud noise upstairs by recording it
and playing it back in the wood-shop. Each time the sound of wood being
worked on is heard, a small bit of saw dust will fall from the ceiling and
collect on the floor in room 15. I plan to make the sawdust fall with the
help of gravity and a small servo-controlled valve.  Im interested in the
fine line between fine art and craft and the perception of art by the
'artist' and the craftsmen.  Basically all I need from cartah is a DAT
recorder to record the machines. I have everything else covered.