Nic Nakis, Prebusiness


Directing Short Films/Operating Camera


I intend to continue shooting short films throughout the quarter in order
to develop directing techniques.  My current projects have helped me
refine my process and I'd like to continue this through further practice.

These projects will explore the stages of bringing script to screen, as I
break down scripts, create shot lists, storyboards, and setup plans, shoot
and edit my short films.  I will also focus on expanding my ability to
work with actors and on refining lighting skills.


The other side of this ongoing project involves familiarizing myself with
the cameras.  The JVC DV-500 and DV-700 cameras are similar to what the
pros are using these days.  Therefore, skill on these cameras will be
invaluable, and the video they take is of excellent quality.  I plan to
tape my Drama 212 (stage lighting) class projects in order to get more
experience with these cameras.