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The Drummer: Emotional Subtext in Video Narrative.

The Drummer is a four-page script I wrote with intentions of
producing as an experimental short film.  (4-5 minutes long)

The film follows a slightly misplaced man as he wanders through the city
beating a drum.  There is one odd minute of dialogue, but the major
feature is the steady rhythm of the drum.

The film features mundane, urban locations, and could be shot either here 
in the U-District, or in downtown Seattle in half a day.

My plan is to cast and rehearse with the two speaking actors, cast the
handful of bit parts, and then shoot on a weekday morning.  This shoot
will require a camera, tripod, and a production monitor.  We will also
need a decent boom mic and a mixer.  The lighting will come from natural
light, possibly with the aid of a reflector.

After shooting, I would edit on Final Cut Pro with the intention of
exporting to DVD and VHS.  I have access to editing systems and would not
need to use CARTAH^s.

The goal of The Drummer is to create a film whose impact comes form
emotions, and whose narrative comes from subtext, rather than from
explicit dialogue or action.  Therein lies the lesson.