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Sinister: Suspense and Emotion Through Camera and Editing Technique

Sinister is a short film concept I^ve come up with in order to
experiment with both techniques of cinematography and techniques of
Digital editing.  (1-2 minutes long)

My subject is the portrayal of one action:  A man chops up a carrot.  The
goal is to use cinematography and editing to make this action appear
loaded and threatening.

There^s only one actor, with no lines, so production is very simple.  I
would require the use of a camera, a light kit, and a shotgun microphone.

This would be then edited on Final Cut Pro, and exported to DVD and VHS.  
I would not require use of CARTAH^s editing resources, as I have my own.

This is a lesson in camera techniques and editing techniques, as well as
in the planning and execution of a video production.