Carol Zane Jolles, Anthropology

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Inupiaq Culture Change

Inupiaq Culture Change (identified formally as Collaborative
Research-Change and Its Impact on Culture, Economy and Identity in Three
North Bering Strait Alaskan Iņupiat Societies: Little Diomede Island, King
Island, Wales) is an on-going project funded by the National Science
Foundation's Office of Polar Programs, Arctic Sciences Division, Arctic
Social Sciences program. It began in October 2001 and will continue
through September 2005. The project involves multi-generational interviews
with the three Iņupiaq (Eskimo) communities mentioned above. Research for
two of the three, Little Diomede Island and Wales, is being carried out by
Jolles, the principal investigator, with assistance from an Iņupiaq
colleague in Anchorage. Research for the third community, King Island, is
based at Oregon State.  All Research for the third community, King Island,
is based at Oregon State.  All raw data generated by the project including
interviews with community members, photographs, videos, and all associated
graphics created by the communities such as maps, diagrams, and other
drawings will be or have already been returned to the respective
communities in bound notebook form. Notebook contents include transcribed
interviews, maps, drawings, diagrams, and photographs; every household
receives a notebook of the research carried out in their particular
community. In addition to current data, data collected prior to the
project's inception is also included in notebooks presently in
preparation. In effect the project represents an extensive community
knowledge repatriation effort. The project has relied especially on the
services provided by CARTAH to prepare graphic materials.