Hollye Gunter, Museology

Contact hgunter@u.washington.edu Box 353010

Burke Museum - Oral History Thesis Project

Project coordinator Hollye Gunter needs to edit audio and video
recordings, and conduct new audio recordings for the Burke Museum Oral
History Project ^ a Museology graduate thesis project that focuses on the
lives and work of Northwest Coast native peoples.  These recordings will
become part of the museum's permanent collection and, once edited, will be
used for online educational projects.  At CARTAH, I will need equipment
and assistance for:

1. Transferring three Sony mini disc recordings to a PC format and editing
for improved sound quality.

2. Editing two mp3 recordings to improve sound quality.

3. Transferring one digital video cassette recording to a PC format and
editing for visual quality.

4. Burning each of the formats above onto CDs.

5. Recording approx. 6 new audio interviews (will need to check out audio
recorder and microphone), then transferring interviews to PC format.

NOTE: Steps 1-4 of the project were previously approved in Fall 2003, but
were not completed.  Per the recommendation of my project contact, I am
reapplying and adding an additional step.  I appreciate the continued
assistance of CARTAH in completing my graduate thesis project.