Christopher Frager, Comparitive Literature: Cinema Studies


Greek & Alcohol: A Student's Perspective

My project is a psuedo-documentary about my college experience in the
Greek System and what role alcohol has played. It is not: ' UW Greek
System Gone Wild', but rather a sociological look at the Greek System from
a subjective point of view and what role it represents as solely an
'American Phenomenon.' I will attempt not to be bias, not only by focusing
on the positives and negatives, but also by getting perspectives from
students in and outside the Greek System, faculty, and parents.
I have done all of the filming myself but I will be new to the editing and
sound equipment, so if anybody wants to colaborate with the project, I
promise it will be fun and entertaining. I am applying to a film school in
Prague and I want to submit this project, mainly because I studied there
last year and realized that the college life here is extremely different
from that of European Universities.