Suzanne Saviano, ART



In my independant study with Anne Stevens, I am currently working on
a rotoscoping project. I will develop a short-film piece that encompasses
my interests in the collision of modern painting, film & digital art. This
rotoscoped short is a depiction of an Alan Lightman short story about time
and our relation to it (from the book Einstein's Dreams). I will then use
digital video and Final Cut Pro to film and edit the story.  I will
extract frames from the video using FCP and use the Image Analogies
software to render the frames in my painting style.  As a final step, i
will recomiple the frames.

Link to Image Analogies:

-Exploration beyond this quarter:  3 dimensional models of rotoscoped
images for animation. Programs utilized will be Image Analogies, Maya, and
Single View Modeling.

Link to Single View Modeling: