Austin Mitchell Kramer, Comparative Religion


Virtual Collections from Asia and Beyond

Despite my status as an undergraduate, I have independently
undertaken extensive research in Asia and beyond. One result of this has
been a documentary photographic archive of many facets of world cultures
that are poorly studied and under documented (such as Islam in China, or
Laoation Imperial Architecture). At the behest of Professor Brannon
Wheeler, I have undertaken an independent study project to catalouge all
these images, as well as document the items I have brought back with me as
well. I have digitaly catolouged the items using a digital camera and my
own computers, but I need special equipment to digitize the 35mm
negatives. After a long search, your center was recomended to me. I will
need to scan between 30 and 100 roles of film, depending mostly on time. I
hope to burn the images onto CD, where I can organize them using a
web-site interface and anotate them to explain the significance of them to
the fields of Art History and Comparative Religion.

Once on a finished CD, my plan is to donate copies of these digital archives to
whichever UW departments would like them.