Larissa C. Wilson, Art

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Second Skin

I will be videotaping the physical and interpersonal process, that I
have been working with in my sculpture, of wrapping a model/person in
clear packaging tape, which creates a translucent shell of their body
form, which I refer to as a 'second skin'. The video images will include
close-ups, showing the pressed flesh against plastic, the perspiration of
a body that can^t breathe properly, and footage of the release from their
'second skin'. In the first stage of the project, I will concentrate on
learning video editing and image interaction.  In the second stage, I will
experiment with adding sound, which might include the sound of the tape,
the conversations between artist and model that went on during the whole
process, and other sounds related to the release of model from tape form.

Assistant and Model Names T.B.A.