daniel strader,

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A 10 minute tale of 'Wretched Excess' shot in DV w/ digital post
production. Style of piece will be inspired by the formalist cinema
tradition and cutting edge technology. An emphasis will be placed on story
and cinematography.

Somniferum - A tale of Wretched Excess...

'We are fascinated with people who push the limits of acceptable behavior,
either by choice or by accident.'
    'This fascination for people who inhabit the margins of society is
what makes this wretched excess so interesting....' You and I probably
fall into the middle...
'But life sometimes throws us a curve that we can't handle. ...Now you're
on the margins of society and probably on the margin of acceptable

The digital film 'Somniferum' will explore emotion and meaning in the
context of 'wretched excess'.

A small film production crew will be assembled during October. Daniel
Strader will be individual responsible for CARTAH equipment use. Primary
post production work will occur outside of CARTAH.

1. text from, '20 Master Plots (And How to Build Them)' by Ronald B. 
Tobias.ISBN 0-89879-595-8.