Evan Sutton, English

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The Sweetest Song

The film is an original interpretation the story of Orpheus, set as a
modern cowboy ballad. The script sets out to tell the story of Orpheus and
Euridyce entirely through music and without dialogue, and will be narrated
in verse to evoke the impression of a Homeric Hymn. This short film will
feature the original music of Alex Malloy and Evan Sutton, and will be
directed by Evan Sutton. The project is an assignment for Prof. James
Claus' Classics 432, 'Classic Myth in Film.' Lucas Gonczy will produce
audio and assist with filming and video editing. The script was written by
Evan Sutton, with collaboration from Sean Musick. The total length of the
finished project is estimated at 15-20 minutes. Production will be
completed on or before March 13, 2002.