Sharon Hargus, Linguistics

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LING 200

I spoke to Mark Haslam about this project when I ran into him
recently at the HUB.  I am currently creating a series of PowerPoint
presentations for use while teaching LING 200 (Introduction to
Linguistics) 1. I will need to use a scanner on an occasional basis (about
once a week) for short amounts of time (about 5 minutes if all goes well).  
2. (I didn't talk to Mark about this part, but it occurred to me later.)
Two of the presentations I'd like to create are on American Sign Language.  
One of these will be on contrast in ASL phonology and the other will be a
survey of morphological processes in ASL.  I have access to a video camera
in the Linguistics Department, but I will need software for digitizing the
video and extracting clips for inclusion in PP.  (I do this regularly with
analog audio so I imagine the process for editing video is similar, but I
will need some initial guidance.)  Exactly when I can come in with my
video will depend to some extent on the availability of my signer, but if
there are constraints on your end re using your digitizing/editing set-up,
my signer and I can work around your schedule to a certain extent.