Kristin Gannon, English


The Flying Squirrel Game

The idea is to make a mock-documentary chronicling the history of a
poetry game influenced somewhat by 'concrete poetry' and the general
phonics of recited language.  The main characters are half-sisters,
masters of this art and arch-nemeses.  The story revolves around their
vastly different personalities as well as certain performances and
interviews by more sideline characters and 'historical' (via film editing
and costume) clips of actual performances/moments-in-time of the 'Flying
Squirrel Game'.  An elaborate system of rules is completed and we plan to
film 'performances' of this unique 'historical moment' in American poetic
history.  The film should be about 40 minutes or so.

Other collaborators are not firmly established right now, but will be
committed by film time.