Mark Stewart, UW Alumni Association

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Fall Lecture Series - Enoding & Streaming

The UW Alumni Association and the
College of Arts & Sciences present the very popular Fall Lecture Series.
This year we've received a number of inquires from people who can't make
the lectures and would like to access them online. I have a background in
streaming media and am heading the effort to get the lecture series
online. If this is a success, we present a number of other lecutre series
and related events (many in conjunction with the College of Arts &
Sciences) that would make for compelling online content.

I'm inquiring about what equipment is available for use. We're planning on
recording this series in audio only and need to find out what format (DAT,
etc) would be best to use. Then, if we can access the necessary equipment
to encode it and convert to streaming formats.

Once encoded, I believe we can store the files on our newly-activated
streaming media space on the UW server cluster.
Partners in this project:
Leesa Schandel - UWAA Alumni Relations Mgr for the School of Arts & 
Marilyn Kliman - Communications Director, College of A&S
Mark Stewart - Online Services Specialist, UWAA