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Sample content for Pacific Lighthouse

The Burke Museum will be participating in a pilot project for Pacific
Lighthouse, a research project being conducted by the University of
Washington, the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in
California, and the Internet 2 K20 Initiative.  As a pilot project
partner, the Museum will have an informational page on the Pacific
Lighthouse web site giving samples of audio content that will be part of
the project.  This CARTAH project will be to edit, archive, and encode two
oral histories that have recorded onto CD so that they can be streamed
onto the web as content samples.  The oral histories we have selected are
interviews with David Robert Boxley (Tsimshian) and Mique'l Askren
(Tsimshian)and are about totem pole raising, potlatches, and Northwest
Coast Native artists.  They were recorded in conjunction with the Burke
Museum's exhibit 'Out of the Silence: The Enduring Power of the Totem
Pole' to open on October 3, 2002.