CARTAH - Center for Advanced Research Technology in the Arts and Humanities


Current CARTAH Project Descriptions

Below is a list of current CARTAH projects. Projects on this list are listed by date, with the most recent projects listed first. For a description of each project click on the project title. Older projects can be found from our archive page.

Spring 2011

Derek Edamura, DXARTS

Devin Ensz, artt

The Cave
Chad Robischon, DXARTS

Art Gallery
Peter Moran

Wind Network
Josh Peterson, DXARTS

DXArts 452 Final
James Gannon, DXARTS

Evan Swope, DXARTS & COM

Logos Zontanos
Vincent Hill, DXARTS

Vincent Hill, DXARTS

Lominadze Archive
Aida Lominadze/Mary Childs, Slavic Department

Invisible and unwelcomed people
Zhi Lin, ART

Chain Reaction Segment
Florent Ensminger, Comparative Literature / Anthropology

Offspring Reffection (DXARTS Thesis)
Matthew Kaplan, DXARTS

Super Short
Anthony Apfelbeck, DXARTS

Svoboda Diary Project
Jane Kim, Near Eastern Studies

Winter 2011

Dexter Kim

Senior Thesis
Sunny Kim, DXARTS

Microscopy Protocol Audio Recording
Eric Muller, Biochemistry

The Loss of Writing In Society
Sarah Morsi, DXARTS

Senior Thesis (currently untitled)
Zach Goist, DXARTS

Life in Audition (Visual and Aural Synthesis)
Anthony Apfelbeck, DXARTS

Stereoscopic Animated Short Film
Jimmy Zhang, Computer Science

Video Adaptation
James Gannon, DXARTS

Voices of the Jazz Era Ballroom
Kelly Porter, Museology

Entrepreneurship Is: The Social Impacts and Context of Entrepreneurship
Sohroosh Hashemi, Entrepreneurship, Foster School of Business

Thesis Project Location Scout
Andy Heye, DXARTS

Autumn 2010

Spore (Short Film)
Cyrus Cumming,

Simulated Reality
Zoe Saurs, Communication

Digital Video Final
Omar Shaukat, CHID

DXARTS 450 Final
Evangeline Spracklin, DXARTS

Scared Straight: Threats and Violence Against Queer People
Evan Swope, DXARTS and COM

Interactive Cello
Matiah Shaman, physics

Personal Enrichment
Matthew Lord, DXARTS

Faculty Dance Concert 2010
Juliet McMains, Dance

Interactive Tree Sculpture
A. Mario Nima, DXARTS

Samantha Crilly, Dance

Study of sound and space with
Perry Jones, Music

Dexter Kim

3D manipulation of abstract
Jennifer Swanson, DXARTS

Mechatronics Site-Specific Art
Josh Peterson, Dxarts

Three Days Of Rain
Bennett Schatz, DXARTS

Unformed Friend
Martin Jarmick, DXARTS

Facing The Future Video
Vincent Hill

School Without School: A Documentary
Leah Michaels, History

Summer 2010

Buckaroo Tavern Unseated After 72-Year Ride
Caroline Colon, Communications

UW School of Art Collection Digital Resource
Cristina D. Linclau, Library & Information Science/Museology

At Home
Derek Edamura, DXARTS

Stop Motion 3d Research
Jimmy Zhang

DXArts 460 Final Project
James Gannon

School Without School: A Documentary
Leah Michaels, History

3D Animation Study
Lily Lao

Mandinka Spoken Art
Kane Mathis, school of music

Multimedia Freelance
Lori Theis,Communications

Spring 2010

Noise Suppression Research Aircraft
Christopher Ames, Aeronautics and Astronautics

Verfremdungseffekt: Mauser Chor
Brook Aidan Rosini, Germanics

Biotech Play - Theater Audio
Bion Johnson, CHID

Collin Schupmans Project for DXARTS 202
Collin Schupman, DXARTS

Video Editing Using AAE
Evren Artiran, Painting and Drawing, School of Art

Vincent Hill

Human Study #1
Martin Jarmick, DXARTS

tonearm analysis
Joel Durand, Music

Raven Brings the Light
Jennifer Swanson, DXARTS

Man of Burden (tentative)
Jill Collymore, DXARTS

Ravenna (Night walk)
Joshua Peterson, Dxarts

Radio DJ
Robert Gay, Digital Arts

Independent Study
Rashelle McKee, Dance

Connecting Community: Public Transit and Public Discourse
Curtis Royce, CHID

into the dream
Samantha Stenson, Photography

Body Symphony
Evan Swope, DXARTS

Winter 2010

Occupational and Genetic Risk Factors for Inhibition of Cholinesterase in Agricultural Workers
Coby Jansen, Public Health

Free Change
Bennett Schatz, DXARTS

The Truthful Dream, Beginnings of the Persian Novel
Constance Bobroff

Senior Thesis
Jason Reinhardt, DXARTS

exploration in digital space through film, projections, and stop motion
Julia Bruk, DXARTS

Haiti Relief Recording
Reed Juenger, Prospective DXARTS Student

Oral history of Don Victor Ramirez Nahuatl speaking son huasteco violinist
Kim Carter Munoz, Ethnomusicology

name pending
Phillip Pasqual, DXARTS

Using Sensing Systems for Real-Time Audio Performance
Robert Gay, Digital Arts, Electrical Engineering

Memories of the Space Age
Roxanne Turner, DXARTS

City Biorhythm
Samuel Potter

Multi-lingual Poetry Synthetic Recording
Eugene Harng, DXARTS

Fall 2009

Ravenna Mosaic Project
Eugene Vance, French and Italian Studies

Muhammad: A Very Short Introduction
Jonathan Brown, Near Eastern Languages and Civilization

47 Reasons
Samantha Crilly, Dance

Masters Graduation Project (Kan Ya Ma Kan)
Jumana Al Hashal, Communication / MCDM

Georgian in Seattle
Mary Childs, Comparative Literature

Open Sesame
Charles Cange, I-PhD

School of Drama Slide Project
Michelle Granshaw, School of Drama

Black Stork/White Stork: The Social Life of Nature Video
Eunice Blavascunas, Program on the Environment

Experimental Content and Hardware for Computer Holography
Nathan Wade, DXARTS

Tahirler Project 09-10
Joel Walker, History

Health and Safety of Forest Workers on the Olympic Peninsula
Rachel Schwartz, DEOHS

Facing Cancer
Mandy Montano, Communications

Summer 2009

Monastery Life and the Layout of Zen
Tracey West, DXARTS & Computer Science

Interview Composition
Richard Johnson, Music

Greek Fires Documentary
Taso Lagos, Jackson School, Hellenic Studies

Penetration (Working Title)
Erik Ledrew, DXARTS

After the End
Benjamin Erickson, Individualized Studies, Film/Music

The Tempest
Jeremy Jolley, Music

Inupiaq Culture Project [continuation]
Carol Jolles, Anthropology

Experimental Instruments and Composition
Richard Johnson, Music

Spring 2009

Holography 3D
Jill Collymore, DXARTS

Podcasting at MOHAI
Jennifer Myers, Museology

Voice of Elizabeth Barry
David Garfinkle, School of Drama

Ravenna Mosaics
Eugene Vance, French and Italian Studies

Beverly Dahlen Interview
Paul Jaussen, English

Interview Composition
Richard Johnson, Music

Capitol Hill
William Kitchings, Comp. Lit, Cinema Studies

Font Design Project for Asian Languages
Yu-Jung Chang, English/Language Learning Center

Expanded Cinema Project
Cale Schupman, DXARTS

Creating a Film from a Stageplay
Victor Oleinikov

DXARTS Senior Thesis
Toby McKes, DXARTS

Winter 2009

Long Exposure Stop Motion
Anna Czoski, DXARTS

South Asia Oral History Project
Ann Lally, University Libraries

Fluorescent Tracer Video
Robin Russell, DEOHS

Andrew Franks, DXARTS

Childrens Literacy in Seattle
Myra Aquino, Comparative History of Ideas & College of Education

Untitled Video Project
Alexis Eggertsen, DXARTS

DXARTS 442 Final
Jill Collymore, DXARTS

Fall 2008

Silent Cinema
Connor Deaconson, C Lit

Jacob Bowen, C Lit

WBBA Fireside Chat
Scott Sipes, CSDE

Erik Ledrew, DXARTS

Visual Connections
Micaela Katz, CHID

Mixing Audiovision
Daniel Nelson, IVA and CHID

Etymological Dictionary of Vietnamese Doublets
Katherine Thornton, Asian Languages and Literature

Experiments with Ambisonics
Daniel Peterson, Music Composition

Senior Thesis
Andrew Franks, DXARTS

Making Film Stills for Book Publication
Monika Kaup, English

Qualities of Darkness In Space
Elizabeth Buschmann, Art

Brittain Barber, JSIS, Japan Studies

New Archetypes Portrayed in Stereoscopic Animation
Caroline Alexander, Painting

Pachelbels Canon (In D Major)
Jennifer Mao, Photography

STI Self-diagnosis for Arabic Speakers
Charles Cange, Health Services

Summer 2008

Experiments with placing actors in a manufactured environment using green screen techniques
Seth Wessel-Estes, Comparitive Literature, Cinema Studies

3D Sketches
Anna Czoski, DXARTS

Media + the Senses Project
Andrew Franks, DXARTS

Untitled Animation/Video
Mollie Fabric, DXARTS

DAT Conversion for Business School
Steven Hudson, Business

Electronic Edition of the St. Johns 54.1 MS
Todd Rygh, English

Dahuas Wedding, Change in Yishala
Yingying Zhou, Sociology

Spanish Civil War
Anthony L. Geist, Spanish and Portuguese

PwC xFAC Case Competition
Allison Koester, Accounting Department - Foster School of Business

Yishala Da Huas Wedding
Ben Gertsen, Anthropology

Spring 2008

Textual Analysis of Mihri Hatuns
Didem Havlioglu, Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Middle East Studies

Mark of Civilization
Matthew Kaplan, DXARTS

3D Claymation Short
Mollie Fabric, DXARTS

Dahuas Wedding
Hua Han, Anthropology

Unitled Short Film
Erik LeDrew, DXARTS

Inquiry into Uses of Home-Video Based Self-Documentation
Tanya Subcleff, Education

Lifesize Figurative Series
Arun Kumar Sharma, Ceramic and Metal Arts

Robert Gay, DXARTS

Tahirler Project
Lee Beaudoen, Museology

Haida Elder Interviews
Andrew Whiteman, Burke Museum

WHYDOMATH - Mathematics and the Brain
Eric Shea-Brown, Applied Mathematics

Contemporary French Cinema
Joel Strom, French and Italian Studies

Collin Monda, DXARTS

Winter 2008

Ethnocartography and Field Guides for An Amerindian Community
Laura Zanotti, Anthropology

Exploration of Movement
Mark Gibson, Cinema Studies

The Mosaics of Ravenna
Eugene Vance, Romance Languages - French & Italian

Lego Stop Motion Project
Tristan Seniuk, Comp Lit - Cinema Studies

Senior Thesis Experimentation

Investigative Study on Larping
Rebecca Mains, Anthropology

Cities and Buildings Database
Patricia Treger, Art History

Airport Dance
Alice Gosti, Dance

Tahirler Project
Summer Lutton, Near Eastern Studies

Senior Thesis Project
Amir Stone, DXARTS & CS

Documentary Praxis
Stephen Hyde, Geology

Slowing Down the Speed of Light
Gary Pennock, DXARTS

Cities and Buildings Database
Dana Bohne, Art History

Tahirlir Website Project
Gabriel Chrisman, History

Early Modern Europe Image Conversion
Nate Weston, History

Grammatical Variation in the Zuozhuan
Marco Caboara, Asian Languages and Literature

Early Buddhist Manuscript Project
Qian Lin, Asian Languages and Literature

Black Smokers 2.0 in 5.1
Adrian van Dooren, Ceramics

Brahms-Henschel Book
George Bozarth, Music

Fall 2007

The One Who Got Away
Andrew Franks, DXARTS

Turkish Parliamentary Discourse
Joakim Parslow, Near and Middle Eastern Studies

Salsa Moves: A Salsa Dance History Project
Juliet McMains, Dance

Short Polanski-Based Film
Claire Fox, Comparative History of Ideas, Comparative Literature

Memory: Archival Process as Digital Video Collage

Erik LeDrew, DXARTS

Stephen J Hyde, Geography

In the Event of Women
Tani Barlow, History/ Women Studies

Shaman Brixey
Gary Pennock, DXARTS

Mitigating disasters with Sensing Responding and Adaptive Structures
Dipti Shaw, Architecture

Summer 2007

1979 Duwamish Dig 45-KI-23
Steven Denton, Burke Museum

Site Specific Art
Jefferey Chen, Biochemistry, Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology


Community-Based Learning-Interviews
Erin Clowes, International Studies

Collapse III
Gary Pennock, DXARTS

Painting With Light
Casey Warren, Communications

Tent City 4 Collaboration
Jesse DeLira, Photography

Rural Industrialization in China
Christine Wong, International Studies

Ice Merchants of Huandoy
Stephen Hyde, Geography

Monika Proffitt, DXARTS

Augmented Reality, Manufactured Landscapes Response
Lauren Brown, DXARTS, Cinema Studies

4 Short Films
Mark Gibson, Cinema Studies

Eunsong Angela Kim, English, CHID

Untitled Video Project
Andrew Franks

Elizabeth Buschmann, Art

Careers in American Ballet Companies
Maria Cynthia Anderson, Dance

Experiments in Compositing
Paul Maupoux, General Studies

Mountain Reflection
Allison Quemere, Photography

Spring 2007

Ode to 117
Robert Gay, DXarts

450 Final Project
Kris Murray

The Berry Family Intranet
Allison Urban, DXARTS

Lighting Techniques
Julia Bruk

Natural Diatonic Phonetics
Nathan Wade, DXArts

CHID re thinking diversity documentary
Jessica Guidry, Art

Night Owl
Lei Zhang

Comunity-Based Theatre - Design Perspectives
Geoff Korf, School of Drama

453 Final Project (Official Title of Film Unknown)
William Alexander Hagenah, Cinema Studies

Insight on Sound
Daren Keck, DXArts

Follow Your Heart!
Kjell Mikal Hansen, DXARTS

dxarts 202 final project
Janice Hudson, DXARTS

DXARTS 202 project: Walk Through
amber manuguid

DXARTS 202 Video Project
Jill Collymore, DXARTS

An electronic version of an Ottoman text by Gufti, the 17th century Ottoman poet
Murat Umut Inan, NELC

The Fountain
Kent Lindemer, Dance

Winter 2007

Mu - dance film
Diana Garcia-Snyder, Dance

Hapticly enabled interactive video
James George, Computer Science

Pioneer Square: interpreted through sound
Chelsea Gaddy, Art - Photography

Video Collaboration
Zack Bent, Art - Photo

Untitled Film
Andrew Franks,

Sketch Comedy Video Incorporation
Mark Gibson, Drama

In the Spirit of the Ancestors Podcast
Benjamin Eisman, Burke Museum Exhibits

Building a Model for Museum Podcasting
Erin Langner, Museology

Final Thesis Project
Fareena Chanda, School of Art - Photography

haptic enabled systems
Anna Czoski, dxarts

Dance Majors Concert
Kimberly Kaplan, Dance

Thinking Inside the Box
Isaac Myers, DXARTS

streets and children in surabaya
chris brown, sociocultural anthropology

PAL Conversion Please
Mielle Riggie, Fibers (School of Art)

Snowboarding Film
Robyn Borneman, Informatics

Composition for Piano and live electronics
Jeremy Jolley, Music

ANTH 209 Visual Presentation
Jason Hirata, ART/CHID

evaluating tagging systems for the syntactical analysis of classical chinese texts
caboara marco, Asian Languages and Literature

Fall 2006

Finger Bone
Cloe Zimmerman, Psychology

Middle East 596 - Middle East Through Cinema
Cecile Kummerer, Language Learning Center

Untitled Homeless Project
Nathan Vass, Art (Photo)

the Snail Purse Project
Lucy Brennan, Art

experiment in 3-d
Paul Maupoux, General Studies/English

video shorts
Channah Levy, Art

Ayda Rojhantalab, Comparative Literature

Erik LeDrew, Cinema Studies / DXARTS

Audio recording for a video
Cale Schupman, DXARTS

Map Evolution
Channah Rebeckah Levy,

Medical Center Navigation
Jaclyn Knapp, Design Studies

Progressive Scan Video Experiments
Collin Monda, DxArts

News Thoughts
Tristan Seniuk, Comparative Lit

Scanning of Archival Posters

A Historical Film based upon styles and themes used in the film industry of the 1920s
Mark Gibson, Cinema Studies

The Bachelors in Yishala
Hua Han, Anthropology

Listening Speaking Videos
Cherie Lenz-Hackett, English Language Programs

DXARTS Fremont studio - mechatronics video
Alex Georgescu, DX Arts

Untitled short-form documentary
Stephen Hyde, Geography

Digital Late Antiquity
Joel Walker, History

Using Personal Digital Assistants to Assess Sexual Risk and Antiretroviral Medication Adherence among an HIV-positive Peruvian Population
Dr. Ann Kurth, BNHS

Summer 2006

Kodiak Island Oral History Project
Jennie Deo, Anthropology

Spring Quarter in Costa Rica 2006
Elisabeth Wooton, Comparative Lit: Cinema Studies

Sterling Waters
Gary Pennock, DXARTS

Webb Photos
Eugene Webb, Jackson School

CSE Animation Capstone Audio
Collin Monda, DxArts

Beyond Tradition
Emma Schwartzman, CHID

Literacy Through Photograpy Documentary
Stefanie Loomis,

Give me a home
Craig Webster, Art

Field recording of natuaral sound fields
Axel Roesler, Art / Division of Design

In Touch
Timea Tihanyi, School of Art

talking self portrait
MIchael Simi, art and design

A Dream
John Owen,

Spring 2006

Yoshikos Vlog
Yoshiko Naoe, Linguistics

Douglas (Working Title)
Alexa Allamano, Drama

Foreign Language Music Video
Nicole Wade, communication

Alexa Allamano, Drama

Beneath the Silt
Gary Pennock

Experiments in realtime acoustic and computer music composition and realization
Wyatt Fletcher, music

Eric Haley, Photography

Turkish Dialogs
Didem Havlioglu, Near and Middle Eastern Studies

Sound Experiment
Erica Bethurum, Digital Arts And Experimental Media

poveste : a short film
Alexandra Georgescu, DXARTS

Use of electronics in urban music
Albert Han, Pre-Arts (Music)

Pilot for Burke Museum podcast series
Becca Bennett, Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture

the born-again
M. Fagan Kuhnmuench, cinema studies

Greg Terry, Psychiatry/Behavioral Sciences

Winter 2006

Professional Design Portfolio
Andrew Smith, Drama Department

A Legacy of Pride
Teresa Brownwolf Powers, American Indian Studies

Multimedia CD/DVD adjunct for book
Eugene Hunn, Anthropology

Scott Carver, DXArts

Senior Thesis
kevin olsen, dxarts

Portuguese Travel Documentary
John Calhoun, Spanish/Portuguese

Ariel Soto, spanish

Julies Brain
Janice Hudson,

Digizing Historical Photographs from Vietnam
Joe Hannah, Geography

Conference on Afro American Studies
Cheryl Fisk, History

Paying Off The Man
David Stone, Cinema Studies/Comp. Lit

Mihris Poetry
Didem Havlioglu, Middle East Studies

Senior Thesis
Johnathan Lyon, DXARTS

untitled film production
Stephen Hyde, Geography

The Color of Rain: African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Whites in Seattle, Washington
Shaun Scott, History

Fall 2005

Legends of the Black Sea
Mary E. Childs, Comparative Literature

Untitled, (thus far...)
Adam Satushek, Photography

The Ethics of Space in the Architecture, Film and Literature of the 1920s
Petia Parpoulova, Comparative Literature

An Experimental Reading
Ileana Marin, Comparative Literature

8 South Pilot Episode
Andrew James Lincoln, English

Drum Lesson with Dalquister
Ian Dobson, Music

Project Identity: a Documentary
Travis Oberlander, International Studies

Hiring Hall Forum
Angelita Chavez, Political Science

Initial tests for the stop motion and live action video components of my DXARTS senior thesis
Matt McDowell, DXARTS

Social Marketing Tractor Safety Forum
Robin Russell, DEOHS PNASH

Footsteps (working title)
Margaret Hess, Comparative History of Ideas

Book of Sand
Timothy Friend, Prospective DX arts

Watch Dog
Eric Elofson, comparative literature cinema studies

The Role of Social Diversity at the University of Washington
Margaret Woodfield

String Theory
Fred Muram, Photography

Joe Vs. Evil
Blake Whitaker, ceramics/IVA

A Chance in Time A short film
Casey L. Warren

Floating Man
Matthew Salton, DXARTS

French Video
Robert Tyree

clay in motion
Elizabeth A. Buschmann, Art (ceramics)

The Anarchy Class
Paul Maupoux, English, Cinema Studies

Paul Horiuchi Archives
Linda Wagner, Library and Information Science

The Release of a Newchild
Stefan Moore

Brain Art Collage
David Stern Levitt

Hernandez Project
Cecile Kummerer, Spanish & Portuguese Studies

Bicycle Project
Joshua Miller, Built Environment (CAUP)

Building Democracy
Sean Berger

Summer 2005

Arendt Oak Speser, English

Practical Pedagogy Website
Riki Thompson, English

Boris Yeltsin and Russian Democratization
Herbert J. Ellison, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

Fear of Little Men Music Video
Anuja Khandekar, Cinema Studies

Yi Textiles
Sara E. Celms, Anthropology

Geriatrics Education and Research Webpage
jonathan wanagat, Medicine

The Paperless Student
Jerome McCuin,

Exploration of multi-track recording of a chamber ensemble
Toshimasa Clark,

John Teske, Music

super8 lomo-rama
Stephen Hyde, Geography

Navajo Language translations
Gary Witherspoon, American Indian Studies

Associative Patterning in Film
Nilufer Patterson, Comparative Literature

Spring 2005

Seven Ruths of Island House
Ryan Murtfeldt, Music, education

Grammatical Analysis of the Pre-Islamic Arabic Odes
Monica Meadows, NELC

Paying Off The Man
David Stone, Comparative Literature (Cinema Studies)

202 Final
Duncan Mowatt, History and DX Arts

Tamara Sollinger, NELC

IMLS-WestPoint Archaeology Web exhibit
Becca Bennett (for Burke Museum), Burke Museum

DXARTS 456 Prepreproduction/Visual Effects
Glenn Bristol, DXARTS

Building Democracy: The Movie
remy peritz, International Studies

Travis Oberlander, Interanational Studies

Greg Terry, Psychiatry

Brazil Abroad Program
Jonathan W. Warren, Jackson School

Art and Restoration
Amy Lambert, College of Forest Resources

Environmental sound manipulation
Jade Cheung, Art- Ceramics

Explore Biodiveristy Orientation Video
andrew whiteman, burke museum

James Potter, Art-Ceramics

Body and Soul
Shaun Scott, History

Inuit/Ainu Web Portal and Documentary
Timothy James Pasch, Communication

Winter 2005

(working) Seattle Hip Hop and Jazz: How racial groups share culture
Sean Berger, CHID

bn3d's fish
Brian Neighbors,

Travis Oberlander, International Studies

EaRt - a fast paced video drama of art meeting medicine in the emergency room
Timea Tihanyi, Art

War and the Environment
Randi Adair, Community and Environmental Planning

Reclaiming Childhood
Katharyne Mitchell, Geography

Site Specific Sound Installation
Amber Cash, Art

Expolorative short
Anna Czoski, pre-major

Bicycle Notebooks
Stephen J. Hyde, Geography

Chase Ogden, Communications and Comparative Religions

Trial By Fire
Jessica Trupin, Public Affairs

Shakespeare Monologues
Ben Medina, Drama

Ilsa Olsen

Music/Video Experiment
Greg Bowers, Music

MacCity's Trading Clusters
Courtland Beale, Resident Student Organization

HUB Dwellers
Jordan Ginn, English

ANTH 209: The Visual Ethnography of Burning
Jessica Greene, Anthropology

Steve Carlton, Art (Photo)

On-line Exhibit: Chinese Students in UW
Shi Chen , Burke Museum

Burke Museum Oral History Project
Hollye Gunter, Burke Museum

BCMU 301 Group Project
Ciaran Thompson, School of Business Administration

It Could Happen to You
Eric Aldrich, Statistics

Kokuga Images
John Szostak, Art History

Exploring Genectically Modified Foods
chris nielsen, communications

Art Tag
Carrie EA Scott, Art History

14/48 Documentary
David Stone, Comparative Literature (Cinema Studies)

Synesthesia Spectrum Sensation
Linda Crane, CHID

UW-in-Paris, documentary
Jennifer M. Bean, Comparative Literature/Cinema Studies

Cultural Exploration of Musical Worship Practices
David Cole, Ethnomusicology

Electronic Music Venture
Nicole T. DeLaittre, Composition

Feedback Music/Sound
Drew Daycross

Fall 2004

Three Lessons
Nicholas John Nakis, Cinema Studies

Composition by audio scrubbing
Thomas Kriewall, Mechanical Engineering

The Ring Fling
James A SIms Jr.

Film Soundtrack
Birch Pereira, Music

Punk Girl
Collin O'Kelley

Heavenly Knockers
Kimberly Huston, Comparative Literature: Cinema Studies

Art Gala Digital Archives
Dung Nguyen, Primate Center

DXARTS 460 Audio Project
Daniel M Peterson

Brenn Berliner, Pre-Major

Audio Project for DXARTS 460
Maxwell Andrews

Drew Daycross

Aaron Phillips

voice recording
Jade Cheung, DX Arts

dxarts 460 project
Nicholas Pratt, DXARTS

Donna A. Bouldin, Art/English (creative writing)

DXARTS 460 projects
Derek Motonaga

Greek & Alcohol: A Student's Perspective
Christopher Frager, Comparitive Literature: Cinema Studies

Digitization of linguistic field recordings
Manuela Noske

Hindi assimilation patterns
Sylwia Tur, Linguistics

Project Rain
Jeong Yi, Business

Conus Divesity
Trevor R. Anderson, Biology

Summer 2004

Tree Dance
Chris Weeg, Comp. Lit./ Linguistics

The Modern Girl Around the World (Barlow)
Tani Barlow, Women Studies

Carolina F. Mello-e-Soza, VCD (The Art School)

Image Scanning
Peter Brun, DXARTS & Photography

Alternative Ritual in The Gambia
Ylva Hernlund, CSDE/Anthropology

Exploration of advanced filmmaking equipment
Gregory Wylie

Phase I Music Education video data analysis
Amy Beegle, Music Education

Spring 2004

Mississippi Nurses: The Eliza Pillars Professional Nurses Organization
Larkin Hood, Anthropology

Viva la Gaita documentary video
Robert T. Carroll, ethnomusicology-music

'Coolies' and Cane
Moon-Ho Jung, History

The I. Grant
Lilian Yuen, Biochemistry

Movers & Shakers in Seattle
Tammy Pham, Electrical Engineering

The whole world's mad at me
Jaebadiah Gardner, English/American Ethnic Studies

Inupiaq Culture Change
Carol Zane Jolles, Anthropology

arts interview project
sarah sarchin, Art, Caup

Virtual Community Museum
Anne Graham, Libraries

People Watching
Jessica Dyer, Photography

Documentary film on South Africa
Marwa Maziad, Communication, DXARTS

Malik Isasis, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Patrick Salmon, English/Philosophy

Health Systems Awareness Broadcast
Roberta Winter, School of Public Health

Directing Short Films/Operating Camera
Nic Nakis, Prebusiness

Wood Shop
Todd Simeone, Photography

Jennifer Santoyo
, Cinema Studies

A man apart
Max Andrews,

Burke Museum - Oral History Thesis Project
Hollye Gunter, Museology

Transcription of American Sign Language narratives
Nancy Emery, Linguistics

Morning Dew
Matt McDowell, Comparative History of Ideas

The Drummer: Emotional Subtext in Video Narrative.
Nic Nakis, Prebusiness

Sinister: Suspense and Emotion Through Camera and Editing Technique
Nic Nakis, Prebusiness

Water Falling From One World to Another
Nina Zingale, Sculpture

Winter 2004

Frog Sounds
Katherine Cartwright,

Finland's Pasts & Presents
Peter Leonard, Scandinavian

Kröller-Müller Collection at SAM
Marek Wieczorek, art history

24 hour filmmaking contest
taylor white, cinema studies

Wake Up
Mike Provenzano, Cinema Studies

Digitizing and Subtitling 2 early Spanish Films
Guadalupe Fisch, Spanish and Portuguese Studies

DVD formatting
Thom Heileson

Ryan Welton

Fall 2003

Suspension: Sonic Absorption
Perri Lynch, community and environmental planning/school of art

Baby Dinosaurs : Unwordthesaurus Rex
Robert Tyree, CHID

Waseda University Lecture
Alison Stevens, Spanish and Portuguese Studies

roberta quadrelli, atmospheric sciences

Washington Football: A Day In the Life
Carley Simpson, Communication

Second Skin
Larissa C. Wilson, Art

Nationalisms of Turkey
Elif Andac, Sociology

Ethnography - exercise
Jessie Ryker-Crawford, Anthropology

Video soundtrack project
Il-Jea Michael Bahk, IVA

Story Mazes
Shamus Johnson, English Language Programs

Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project
Stefan Baums, Asian Languages and Literature

UW 48 Hour Filmmaking Competition
Adam Hart, Cinema Studies/English

The William Brumfield Collection
James West, Slavic L&L

Elwin Teaching Materials Span/Port
Elwin Wirkala, Spanish and Portuguese Studies

Squeaky Feet
Mike Provenzano, Cinema Studies

Fin-de-siecle silent film project
Jennifer M. Bean, Comparative Lit./Cinema Studies

Demo Reel
Zhi Min Chen, Art

daniel strader

Summer 2003

Sam Anderson, Drama

Conus Diversity
Trevor Anderson, Zoology

Documentary Film on Felliniana
Wendy Durant, Undergraduate Eduation

Adam Jurcevic, Cinema Studies

Digital Filmmaking in the 21 Century
Zachary Alex Jones

Sight and Sound
Jamie Walker, Art

Be Vegan
Michael Falcon, HFS-HUB

portofolio preparation
Judith Weber, Drama

Burke Museum Oral History Project
Hollye Gunter, Museology

book/video project
donna bouldin, art

Archive for Eastern Religions<
Heidi Pauwels, Asian L&L

I am Paul Margolis
Paul Margolis, Ceramics Art

Robust Design and Casting Processes
Naveen Kumar, Industrial Enginering

Negative restoration
Melaena Keckler-Cadiz, Drama

Assignment for Drama/Dance 490
Travis Senger, Drama

Spring 2003

Rare Punjabi Document
Sarah Gangar, Accounting

Virtual Collections from Asia and Beyond
Austin Mitchell Kramer, Comparative Religion

Comparative analysis of 'Invisible Cities' and Seattle
Samantha Pohler, pre-major

Collaborative Affects and Strategies
Catherine Platz, General Studies

Mask scan for presentation
Jiandong Fang, EE

Nilla Waffer Commercial
Zachary Alex Jones,

suzanne saviano, art

The Persistence of Objects
Josh Tasman, [postbaccalaureate-- premedical]

The Song of Songs
Peter Rollins, Comparative Religion

Why We Ride: Riders Come Out At Nite
Joon Cho, C Lit: Cinema Studies

Guy Noir, Private Eye
James R. Temple

Seattle Student Film Festival
Adam Hart, English/Cinema Studies

UFW Labor History Project
Anne O'Neill, JSIS

Julia Cole, Art

Timea Tihanyi, ceramics

Video/ Sacred and the Profane
Donna Bouldin, Art

Jennifer Dunn Nowruz greeting
Jenny Thacker, College of Arts and Sciences

Winter 2003

*division, division*
robert tynes, Communication

Painting Slides
Melaena Keckler-Cadiz, Drama

I am done.... (BFA thesis)
Jeff Lopez, Photography

newsletter--slides to jpegs
Heather Salfrank, REECAS

Computer Music
Akash Shivashankara

digital sound final project (cars)
alex norman, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Suicide as a Sort of Present
Patrick Salmon, English

Superbowl commercialism
Jen White, Communications

Changing Spaces
Erika Wulff, CHID

Animating the NanoAssembly Line
Bruce Paul Gaber, Bioengineering

Piano Music Inspired by Folk Idioms
Jorge Morales, Music

Asian Americans in Hip Hop
Kuoching Ngu, American Ethnic Studies

Public Art presentation
Kristen Ramirez, School of Art

15 second experimental shorts
Jacob Rae, Cinema Studies

IFM Website Upgrade
Lee Torres, Cinema Students

Jurg's Tape
Samantha Scherer, Dance Program

an undetermined number animation
Gina Rymarcsuk, Photography

Perfection of Procrastination
Emily Ronkar, General Studies

URP promo video
Peter Rollins, Undergraduate Research Program

Anxiety is for Suckers
Michael Provenzano, Cinema Studies

constructs of the social conscience
bradley lucas hyppa, DXARTS

From Life to Bits
Anton Dochtermann, Math

CEP Junior Projects Audio Documentary
Travis Saunders, Community and Environmental Planning

One Minute DOGME
Julia Cole, Ceramics

'light and shadow' video short
Jacob Rae,

Suzanne Saviano, ART

Joan Li, Visual Communication Design

Light and Shadow
donna bouldin, art

Light & Shadow Study
David Halsell, Sculpture

Light as Gegen^Östand
Catherine Andreassi, Comparative Literature

Communicating Interpersonally
Kelly Goodenough, Communications

Behind the Biography: A Super Man
James A. Sims Jr.

'The Survey Stations of King County'
perri lynch, community and environmental planning

'Hollow Wrath'
Don Pham, Drama

Boeing Workers Rally
Anne O'Neill, Korean Studies (Jackson School)

Fall 2002

Beautiful Night
Scott Pawley

wyatt matthews, English

24-Hr Movie
Brian Byrd, Pre-Arts & Sciences Major

Revisiting the city
Marwa Maziad, Communications/DXARTS

Daddy's Dead
Gregory Terry, Psychiatry & Behavioral Science

Philanthropy Presentation
Jonathan Foronda, General Studies

Personal Portfolio to be Presented to the UW Art Department/DXARTS Program
Dylan Oliver,

Summer Arts Festival 2003 web site image scanning
Thom Heileson, CARTAH

In Vivo print project

Light Box Project
Allison Manch, Art (Photography)

Soler concert poster
Cecile Kummerer, Spanish & Portuguese Studies

the hip
Robert Tynes, Communication

Data recovery from word perfect document
Wendy Harman, Management and Organization

Lake City in transition
john chalverus

Departmental Planning Guide
Tino Basile, International Programs and Exchanges

Do Wit Yourself
Christopher O'Leary, Photography

Aubrey Benasa, School of Art

3D Animation
Zhi Min Chen, ART

Untitled Narrative
Adam Jurcevic, Cinema Studies

IFM website upgrade
Lee Torres, Cinema Studies

Digital Egypt
Scott Noegel, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Creating a digital image archive of musical sources
JoAnn Taricani, Music

Totem Poles: A Chinese Teaching Video
Stevan Harrell, Burke Museum and Anthropology

Fall Lecture Series - Enoding & Streaming
Mark Stewart, UW Alumni Association

Sample content for Pacific Lighthouse
Debra Miller, Burke Museum

Tibetan Digital Library
Richard Carkeek, East Asia Library

Project Greenlight Entry
Lacey Leavitt, Cinema Studies

Summer 2002

The Role of Religious Movements in International Peacemaking Efforts
Jennifer Schmitt, Women Studies

CIS WebVisionJosh Tsang,

interactive computing time lapse
jennifer zwick, photography

Kristin Gannon, English

DVD conversion
Matthew Cox, Exhibition Administration, Preparatory

three-headed elephant and other dv shorts
bradley l. hyppa, Cinema Studies/Political Science

American Indian Womens' Service League
Teresa M. Powers, Communications/Native Voices (Amer. Ind Studies)

Improv with Cameras
Erica Anderson, Art

Fresh Start
Lacey Leavitt, Cinema Studies

Jeffrey Lopez, photography

Russian Morhpological Dictionary Project
James E. Augerot, Slavic Languages and Literatures

anti commercials
Hans Benson, Italian and Swedish major

Gary Owen, art

rusted skirt(video)
rio wrenn, Sculpture

Ghanaian culture and Children's Music
Carla Becker, Music (ethno)

Spring 2002

Agoraphobia: An Alphabet: part of Stanford Humanities Laboratory Website Gallery
Jessica Burstein, English

Video compilation on DVD
Philip Branesky, Art

Still life
Jeff Curtis, DANCE

Il Cortile Dei Miracoli
Sal G. Sofia, Music/Composition

making a handwritten musical manuscript easy to read
Carol Robinson, C&C

Julia Cole, Ceramics

NASA Microgravity Research Project
Graylan Vincent, Aeronautics & Astronautics

The Flying Squirrel Game
Kristin Gannon, English

religious wallpapers
Robert Tynes, Communications

Notating Music in Esther Martinez's Stories
Sue-Ellen Jacobs, Women Studies

Bradley L. Hyppa, Cinema Studies

Feminism and the Beauty Pageant in American Film
Kathryn Offer, Women Studies and Sociology

Poster for May 11th performance
Cecile Kummerer, Spanish & Portuguese Studies

Italian cinema
Hans Benson, Italian 466

DNA Clothing
Kristopher D. Knutson, CHID

Meg Strawbridge, Evans School of Public Affairs

Ling 200
Sharon Hargus, Linguistics

The Scam - DV Short
Ryan J. Smith, Pre-major - English

Koroshi No Rakuin
Aurora Metter, Art

Trash and Society
Elisabeth Howe, Urban Design and Planning

Untitled Documentation Pt. 1
Christian Oittinen, Sculpture

Jorge's Revenge
Teresa Huarte, Art- Sculpture

Urban Spaces - Modern Subjects
Dagmar Reese, Henry M. Jackson School

HSTEU 305 scanning
Mary R. O'Neil, History

Bodily Spaces -- Video Installation
Timea Tihanyi, art/ceramics

Scott Pawley, Communications

Coal, Corporate Corruption, and the Destruction of the Community of Tabaco
Andrew C. Asmus, Arts and Sciences (going to transfer to the Jackson School next winter)

Patrick Salmon, English

Winter 2002

Open Mic
Steve Church, Copy Services

bride by mail/trafficking of women/domestic violence
Jenny Tang, photography

Video Presentation Loop re Terrorism Post 9/11
Ed Livingston, Social Sciences/Evening Degree

a walk around campus
Jordan Becke

Effects of Heteroatoms in Conjugated Pi Systems
Eric Brown, Chemistry

Web site development
Riki Thompson, Women's Studies/ Jackson School Int'l Studies

Ubykh tapes
Lew r. Micklesen, Slavic

Books of Jews in Osnabruck, ermany (1904-1936)
Elaine Travis Gordon, Jackson School / History

November 22, 1963
Aurora Metter, Art

Ruben Romero,Comp Lit/Cinema Studies

video transfer
Holly Findlater, art/photography

Megan Harris, JSIS/REECAS

rarely (if ever) visited
emmet ashford-trotter, art-sculpture

Mantis His Master
wyatt matthews, English

OCDH Documentary
Seth P Sexton, Painting and Sculpture

Don Pham, Classics

Ashen Threshold: A Memorial to 9/11
Diane Perkins (contact), Mike Magrath, Anna Tamura, Landscape Architecture (Diane Perkins, Anna Tamura) Fine Art (Mike Magrath)

Inside Out
Lacey Leavitt, Cinema Studies

The Sweetest Song
Evan Sutton, English

Demeter and the Kore
Kimberly Hunt, History

Abraham McClurg, ART - Photography

Rio Wrenn, Sculpture

Image Library
Beth Lahickey,

Japanese Cinema
john szostak, art history

MFA Project
susumu kamijo, Fine art

What About Berlin?
Kendall C. Watt, Comparitive History of Ideas (CHID)