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Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

Gen St 350: Forms and Registration

Registration Process:

To register for the General Studies 350 course, students need to independently secure an internship. The vast majority of internship positions can qualify for GEN ST 350, since the course relies more heavily on the completion of an academic project than the internship itself. Should you need assistance in locating an internship, please consult the Carlson Center’s public service internship resources or contact the UW Career Center for information concerning internships in the private sector.

The application for GEN ST 350 can be obtained in Mary Gates Hall 171 or below in the forms section of this page. Submit application forms to the Carlson Center in Mary Gates Hall 171. As long as there are no problems or omissions in the paperwork, the Carlson Center will process and complete the registration by the end of the week that the forms are turned in.  Before submitting paperwork, students are encouraged to check over their application to ensure that everything is in order. This would include ensuring that the number of credits is appropriate for the number of hours at the internship site, signatures have been obtained from an on-site supervisor and a qualifying academic sponsor, and that the Learning Contract has been fully completed.

If you have questions regarding your application, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website, or contact the Carlson Center Student Leadership Coordinators with questions via email.

Enrollment Packet:

Download the GEN ST 350 Enrollment Packet

The Enrollment Packet includes:

  • Guidelines for you, your faculty sponsor, and your site supervisor, which provide an overview of the GEN ST 350 course, along with useful information concerning credit eligibility, registration, course procedures, and grading procedures. Please print this page for reference throughout the quarter.
  • The application form, which asks for pertinent information from the student as well as the academic sponsor and site supervisor. It also includes necessary information regarding the internship, including hours on site, along with the number of credits requested by the student. Please consult the General Studies 350 guidelines or our Frequently Asked Questions page if unsure how many credits you are eligible to register for.
  • The learning contract, which includes details concerning the General Studies 350 academic project. The contract is intended as a way for students to start thinking about the academic portion of the course, and includes questions concerning potential project topics and specific academic sources that could be utilized.

The learning contract must be signed by the academic sponsor and the site supervisor before it can be accepted.

Please keep a copy of all submitted forms for your records.