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Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

Gen St 350: Finding an Academic Sponsor

Finding an Academic Sponsor for a GEN ST350 Internship is the responsibility of the student:

  • Approach a professor that teaches in the area of your internship. For example, if you have a marketing internship, you can contact faculty members in the business school, marketing, or communications.
  • Ask friends for recommendations of professors they have had. They would know better than anyone on campus about the professor’s teaching style and personality.
  • Departmental advisors can give you a list of professors that typically work with independent study students. Students often engage in internships outside of their major so feel free to approach other departments.
  • The Center for Advising, Diversity and Student Success in Mary Gates Hall provides pre-major advising and can recommend faculty members as well.
  • Send faculty an e-mail or go to office hours and try your luck. Bringing a completed GEN ST 350 application to the meeting shows initiative and organization.