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Gen St 350: Forms and Registration

What is General Studies 350?

General Studies 350 is a mechanism for earning credit for the learning associated with an internship experience. General Studies 350, regardless of section, is always graded credit/no credit. Students in General Studies 350 have three choices for how to reflect upon and demonstrate their learning:

Option # 1: General Studies A/B

Students engage in an internship experience in either the public sector (section A) or the private sector (section B) under the guidance of a UW Faculty or Instructor Sponsor to guide reflective practice and connections to academic learning. Students in these sections must find their own academic sponsor (faculty or instructor).

Option # 2: General Studies C/D

Students engage in an internship experience in either the public sector (section C) or the private sector (section D) while enrolled in a distance learning section to guide reflective learning, connections to academic content, and career competencies.

Option # 3: Summer Internship with Autumn Enrollment (aka: Summer for Fall)

Students engaged in an internship experience during summer quarter, who wish to hold off on enrolling for academic credit until Autumn quarter, will need to check “Summer for Fall” on their internship application. These students will be administratively enrolled in either a faculty sponsor section in Autumn quarter or a Distance learning section in Autumn quarter. Please note: while enrollment and credit are earned in autumn quarter, it is expected that both the internship and academic work will be completed in summer quarter. General Studies 350 provides the opportunity to earn credit for the demonstrated learning derived from an internship experience. As a result, it is essential that the academic work occur concurrently with the internship experience. 

How do I register for GEN ST 350?

Applications for General Studies 350 for Spring Quarter, 2018 are now closed and students wishing to add the course must fill out a late add petition, offering a compelling reason for the late addition. 

Applications for General Studies 350 for Summer Quarter, 2018 and Autumn Quarter, 2018 are now open: steps to register are outlined below

  • Independently secure an internship. Most internship positions will qualify for GEN ST 350 as course credit is granted for demonstrated learning from the internship experience, not the experience itself. 
  • Students in sections A/B (Faculty Sponsored General Studies 350) should complete the following steps in order to be registered for GEN ST 350: 
  • Students in sections C/D (Distance Learning General Studies 350) should complete the following steps to receive an add code:

When these steps are complete, the following actions will be taken:

  • Students in GEN ST 350A/B will be registered by the Carlson Center for their course.
  • Students in GEN ST 350C/D will be emailed an add code to register themselves for General Studies 350 and will receive further instructions regarding the distance learning course.