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Community Service Learning (CSL) program is a required course for Bachelor of Social Work students during their junior year; CSL provides undergraduate students with a valuable opportunity to bridge classroom content with “in-the-field” experiences.

CSL presents students with a unique opportunity to develop a better understanding of why one might choose social work as a field of study and it is an opportunity for students to explore the world of social services in a hands-on way.  As students engage in service learning, they will hone their critical thinking skills, advocate for diversity and multiculturalism in support of social justice, while deliberating upon the political, historical and cultural context of social work practice. Students will have the opportunity to learn from community-based social services professionals and the communities they are working within. For many BASW students, the CSL internship is their first experience working in a social service setting.  Accordingly, it is a chance for students to explore areas of interest in the social work field and possible career paths.

CSL students are expected to complete 4-6 hours each week during Winter and Spring Quarters; we ask community partners to propose CSL opportunities for students in the Autumn Quarter.  Carlson Center staff will work closely with organizations and students during Autumn Quarter in order to facilitate the best possible matches.

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Social Work Service-Learning Position Examples

 Family Support Specialist — North Seattle Family Center

Student Support Resource Coordinator — Literacy Source

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