Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

Host a Carlson Civic Fellow


The Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center at the University of Washington is pleased to announce its Request for Proposals for the 2015 Carlson Civic Fellowship.

The Carlson Civic Fellowship is a year-long intensive student leadership development fellowship.  Through this program, the Carlson Center partners with community-based organizations to provide project-based, leadership development opportunities for students at local non-profit organizations. In addition to funding students’ work in the community with a $2500 stipend, the Carlson Center provides these students with opportunities to participate in community-based leadership courses as well as structured and ongoing reflection and mentorship.

“As an organization, we count on volunteers to help us accomplish our mission. However, many volunteers don’t have the time, flexibility and skill-set to essentially lead a project from beginning to execution—having a Carlson Civic Fellow allowed us the staffing we needed to do that. In addition, our staff were able to see the value of working with students to accomplish great things and it has inspired them to bring on additional interns.”

Cherish Hart,
American Heart Association of Puget Sound

Why apply to host a Carlson Civic Fellow?

  • Deepen your relationship with the Carlson Center
  • Work with a student 10 hours per week from January – June 2015
  • Serve as a mentor and educator to an emerging UW leader
2013 Carlson Civic Fellows: Riabelle Vivas, Kelsey Barrantes, and Paige Castro

2013 Carlson Civic Fellows at the Spring Celebration of Service and Leadership.  From left: Riabelle Vivas, Kelsey Barrantes, and Paige Castro


Eligibility and application process

Host sites for 2015 Carlson Civic Fellows will be selected through an application process.  This year, the Carlson Center will be able to select no more than three organizations to host a 2015 Carlson Civic Fellow.